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Private Evaluation, Consultation & Guidance


By means of handwriting and drawing analysis, neither of which is invasive or bothersome, the science of Graphology is able to evaluate the personality and motivation of any individual.

Generally speaking, all the notions appearing in the dictionary that indicate personal feelings, behaviours and beliefs (be it consciously or subconsciously) can be identified in Graphology – a reliable and statistically correct to a highly detailed level of accuracy.


Anybody who feels a bit stuck, at a crossroad (personal and/or vocational), confused or is struggling within himself or herself may find Handwriting Analysis to be the answer. The objective opinion of the Graphologist about the subjective feelings of the writer creates the perfect link to enable dealing with the feeling/s and the motivation/ rationale behind the actual behaviour.


It turns out that we, as adults, are not free from childhood basic beliefs and messages, which were converted by us into what we call ‘motivation’. Every want, desire, wish, need, action, or lack of action, derives from that motivation that was implanted in us through our upbringing.  Graphology can, and my expertise is not only to recognize and spot the feeling and/ or the behaviour, but more to identify the hidden motivation, and the cause of this motivation.


The whole process of the evaluation and interpretation of the motivation is to give the individual ‘emotional understanding’ and to enable him/her to deal with those messages and motivations that are causing him/her to feel stuck and confused. The whole purpose of having a personal consultation is to give answers to those minor and major difficulties that are troubling us on a daily basis and pushing us towards a ‘running away’ outlet like over eating, alcohol, drugs, gambling, procrastination, etc, instead of facing the messages - our motivation.


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