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Industrial Graphology



Be certain about the people you hire


Hiring the right person and / or promoting employees within the workplace is one of the most difficult challenges facing anyone in business. You need to know as much about the candidate as possible. Handwriting and drawing analysis, or Graphology, enables you to remove the doubt.


The science of Graphology has been in use for over 450 years. Every individual's handwriting is unique, and cannot even be modified by the writing hand itself, just like a fingerprint. From analysis of the patterns contained in the handwriting, the expert Graphologist is able to produce an exhaustive evaluation of a person's character and his/her habits, including:


         Thinking patterns

         Achievement traits

         Communication abilities and skills

         Levels of stress

         Possible addictions

         Certain potential physical problems

         Tendencies towards secrecy, deception, self-deception and excessive fantasy.

         Emotional intelligence



Be fair in your hiring practices


Many American and European companies now require a handwriting sample with other pre-employment documents. Handwriting analysis is non-comparative, which makes it almost perfect as a non-discriminatory employment test. Handwriting does not reveal gender, race, age or religious affiliation.



Be better informed about prospective business partners


Evaluating potential business partners is another area of considerable risk. Will these people really deliver on their promises? The expert Graphologist is able to evaluate characteristics such as commitment, ambition, logic, business acumen, decision-making, motivation, memory, concentration, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence and psychological and physical health.

Graphology gives answers, which are in the best interest of any workplace to be aware of in advance.  In other words: How the prospective candidate will react to pressures or demands imposed on them in specific work situations, whether a candidate is a leader, or a team player, is goal oriented, or is likely to just drag themselves through to the end of each day, etc. 

These techniques reveal compatibility in business. With the insight provided by Graphology, you can know more about your business partners and whether or not to sign that contract!

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