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A Diplomate member of the American Board of Forensic Examiners

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Forensic Document Examination


Examination of different forms of a signature or handwriting, mainly by comparison, for the identification and authentication of a specific sample of handwriting and/or signature/s found on specific documents.  These examination requests generally pertain to legal type documents, for example cheques, Last Will and Testimony, contracts, agreements, etc.


The evidence I produce has been accepted in the High Court of S.A, as well as in disciplinary inquiries for the Council for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA).


The work of identification and comparison uses some advanced technology for the purpose of magnification and clarification of a specific piece of writing.


My findings are produced in a summarized document containing the following:


(1)   A descriptive letter of explanation containing all the facts as well as my opinion, which is fully detailed. There is a logical process of elimination on one hand, and building up of suspicion on the other, which is also described in full. This eliminates, almost to a zero percentage, the chance of incriminating an innocent person.


(2)   A fully detailed report where all the findings are described in detail and in order.


(3)   A descriptive and magnified chart of the writing of the actual document in question as well as specimens of the known genuine writing for comparison.


When the above is submitted, there is no need to subpoena the Graphologist to any court of law to verbally give evidence in support of his written findings. It is with great pride that I can honestly say that my reports are self-explanatory and I have never been subpoenaed to court to support them. Furthermore, most of my reports have never got as far as any courtroom discussion for the same reason.


Some of my satisfied clients include:

Banks ABSA, Standard Bank, FNB.

Insurance companies Old Mutual, Mutual and Federal.

Private investigators

Law firms Mervin Joseph Attorneys, Weber, Wenzel & Bowens Attorneys, Munro, Flowers & Vermaak Attorneys, Schindlers Attorneys,  and many others.

Industrial companies Afrox, Boardmans, Cargo Carriers, and many others.

Media Carte Blanche, Sunday Times, Saturday Star and many others.

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