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These are some of the many press articles that have featured Yossi Vissoker. 

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SATURDAY STAR August 23rd, 2008

            Morne Harmse - High School Killer

 Handwriting analysis identifies a lonely teen in turmoil

            school killer.jpg (885293 bytes)


SATURDAY STAR November 19th, 2005 

            Leigh Matthew's killer: Donovan Moodley

                IMG_0005.jpg (731583 bytes)  Moodley.jpg (361624 bytes)

                       Page 1          Page 2

SUNDAY TIMES April 25th, 2004

           Writing the Wrongs: The Story of Orlando de Abreu

                      Write wrongs.jpg (3306683 bytes)

Victim of childhood abuse puts his life back together with the aid of a  handwriting analyst.


THE STAR Wednesday, July 2nd 2003

            Big Brother Africa

            Could eviction pressure stir Zein into action?

           BB Africa4.jpg (1612755 bytes)



            Yossi Vissoker - Graphologist

            IMG_0006.jpg (3366730 bytes)


DRUM June 6th, 2002

           Lefties have the right stuff

         IMG_0020.jpg (1962013 bytes)  IMG_0021.jpg (1968713 bytes)

            Page 1              Page 2

  Featuring: Mondli Gungubele; and Augustine Masilela-Chuene


THE STAR Sunday, August 31st 2001 

           Big Brother 1

           IMG_0001.jpg (2573103 bytes) IMG_0002.jpg (1437140 bytes) IMG_0003.jpg (2716880 bytes)  

                  Page 1           Page 2                Page 3


DRUM April 13th, 2000

           Exposed - by your handwriting!

           Featuring: Thembi Mbengashe and Liz Khumalo

           IMG_0016.jpg (2461693 bytes)    IMG_0017.jpg (1157823 bytes)

                Page 1            Page 2


  SUNDAY TIMES LIFESTYLE November 21st, 1999

            Playing Your Hand: Kobus Wiese; Steven Cohen; and Busty Neena

           playing hand.jpg (2091698 bytes)


SUNDAY STAR June 21st, 1992

           Seeing write into your soul

              Fordyce.jpg (4352887 bytes)                

 Featuring:  John Berks; Sue Grant Marshall; Clive Rice; Minister Adriaan Vlok; 

Andries Oliphant; and Bruce Fordyce


SUNDAY TIMES MAGAZINE September 22nd, 1991

           The Writings On the Wall

            Featuring: Amanda Forrow; Frith van der Merwe; and John Robbie

            IMG_0022.jpg (2863478 bytes) IMG_0023.jpg (2283920 bytes) IMG_0024.jpg (490617 bytes)

                    Page 1             Page 2               Page 3


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