Show me your handwriting and I'll tell you what you are.


A Diplomate member of the American Board of Forensic Examiners

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Services provided:

Personal consultation


Career guidance


Job selection and promotion;


Compatibility at workplace


Authentication and comparison  of signatures and handwriting


Workshops and lectures


Handwriting Analysis Form

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Forensic Graphologist & Document Examiner


Yossi Vissoker is a forensic graphologist (handwriting expert) who has gained international recognition for his work. He has practised handwriting and drawing analysis for more than 35 years, in which time he has examined the writing of thousands of people, including the rich and famous.  


Yossi is certified by the American Board of Forensic Examiners as a forensic examiner, behaviour profiler and document examiner.  

Yossi is a regular guest on Radio 702 and Cape Talk, and has also appeared on numerous TV talk shows. On Carte Blanche he was handed several handwriting samples and asked to identify which one came from a criminal, a drug addict, an abused child and so forth. He managed to identify each sample correctly, much to the amazement of the Carte Blanche team. Yossi was the official Graphologist to the first five Big Brother SA shows as well as Big Brother Africa. He has also written for many publications such as The Star, Saturday star, Sunday Times, SL Magazine, Personality, Drum, Finance Week to name a few.


The scope of Yossis handwriting and drawing analysis practice is varied and covers a wide spectrum, which includes the following:


     Private / Individual Evaluation Counselling individuals in personal matters, and career guidance.

     Industrial Analysis Advise companies on job selection, employee promotions, and compatibility of potential employees to the company and within the teams.

     Handwriting and Signatures Authentication Identification of handwriting and signature forgery.

     Seminar and Workshops Direct, guide and teach private individuals and groups of people about the different aspects of handwriting analysis.


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